About Us - Our Logo Represenation

The Business Evolution Program was born from the natural process of business evolution by Entrepreneurs and individuals, as it is agreed so often business owners and the highest level of leaders are consistently pushing the envelope of development on two common levels, Business Growth Strategies and Leadership Reinvention.

You Evolve.

Our Logo represents the source and Power Evolution. Encompassing the millenniums of science, geometry and mathematics that have been created from this representation, it has even been argued and proven to some level of giving birth to our periodical table, let alone…

  • Generation
  • Wealth
  • Renewal
  • Liberation

The source of evolution in our logo starts with the representation of six circles engaging each other, and the joke about our logo and evolution was that…

“On the 7th day, there was rest.” 

Each of the six circles represents stages of the evolutionary awareness; we adapted this awareness in a real-world business and leadership sense. To triumph your evolution is our purpose while encompassing values of…


  • Creating Solutions
  • Making Money for Others
  • Credibility
  • Leadership Reinvention at the Highest Level
  • Success & Flow

It is said, “If we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them”, for us we are opposed to the keeping bit! Instead let us all evolve to the next stage of business growth and implement Leadership Reinvention


The energy consumed by misplaced effort is draining for any leader or business. 


From our Logo flowing into the world, there is an easier path for effectiveness on many levels, in the core is a symbolised source of energy represented by what looks like a hexagon well aligned, matter of fact it represents a cube which propels a simplest path of energetic power, the path of least resistance. This representation has been found in many countries over many evolutionary periods of our planet, and even strongly in our global trading history, some evidences point to over 5000 years of history, and now we bring this philosophy to Leadership and Business for the new age.


Gilbert François