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Our programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Whatever outcome you seek, we work with you to make it a reality. Our facilitators are seasoned experts with years of one-on-one experience and insights from business or in leadership, they are committed to helping you achieve more for your designed future.


We tailor our solutions with your specific needs, wants and interests in mind, ensuring you are confident that our programs are right for you and your business.

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Business Evolution Program

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Leadership Reinvention

Reinvention cannot happen without a shift in thinking, current habits and letting go of former experiences which helped create the individual prior to their journey. Reinventing our mindset allows us to become more open-minded, innovative and independent from our old ways of thinking as leaders.



Personal evolution isn’t just a process of growth; it is a journey of alignment, certainty and understanding that brings greater happiness and fulfillment. It requires us to become aware of our core values, as well as those of others around us, in order to be open to potential changes within ourselves.


Purpose &

The journey to purpose and prosperity can be challenging at times, but with resourcefulness, it becomes easier to find solutions for growth. Resourcefulness gives us the power to explore our options, create positive habits and align these two components for greater success in life and business.



The importance of business optimisation cannot be overstated. It enables individuals and companies to make better use of their resources, such as people, time, and money. By doing so, they can achieve better results with fewer resources, which can translate into increased profitability.

Personal & Business Reinvention Questionnaire​

The Business Evolution Program focused on rapidly and permanently changing individuals. to accelerate business growth and value."

Who We Are

About Gilbert Francois – Gilbert’s core focus is to serve and help individuals towards the life and purpose they truly know they deserve. Understanding that everyone has a unique path towards inner peace, he has successfully guided hundreds of clients from around the globe on how to be true to themselves inside and outside the business world.

Through years of experience running successful national and international businesses in multiple industries as an entrepreneur and advisor, Gilbert’s passion for leadership reinvention allows him to unlock success stories with every person he works with!

Client Testimonials

Here are some clients who achieved their version of success with creativity, resources and strategies learned through the Business Evolution Program.


Scott Hallman

Business Growth Dynamics

“Somehow Gilbert, with your CEO/Leadership Reinvention program you delivered, has given me the ability to look at things for what they really are. I have now cemented the “how to” and through your ability to communicate the best solutions and understood how to adopt the best mindset, I now have a clear knowing of what I want, and how to achieve it! Thank you!”

Nicholas Fraser

Accenture Vietnam

Erika Cramer

Queen of Confidence

“The first two grounding sessions of characteristics assessment and value alignment have helped me understand my confusion, fight, disappointment with people around me. Gilbert helped me gain acceptance of myself and others around me, the feeling of enlightenment brings out my genuine love, compassion, and happiness to support my family and people around me to their happiness in their own way without diminishing myself-ness.”

Yvonne Lee

Oceanic Gas

Shaun Davison

Property Portfolio Group

“He helped our leadership team to evaluate our business in a different way and provided pragmatic solutions to measure and monitor changes required to systems and processes. The operating results for our interstate store are exemplary with a greater level of internal collaboration and engagement with their respective customers. We’re experiencing improvements across our entire group.

Tim Payze

Star Pharmacy Group